28 April 2022, 15:33 PM
  • Alice Fishman, speciality buyer at Whole Foods Market, shares the retailer’s experience of low/no alcohol beverages
Behind the Counter: Low/No at Whole Foods Market

From Whole Foods Market’s experience, when did the low/no alcohol ‘trend’ begin?
We really saw the low/ no alcohol trend ramp up in the last three years. After lockdowns we have seen a continued increase as customers have become more aware of the amount of alcohol they consume and are trying to be more conscious in their drinking habits. 

Does it have long-term reach?
Absolutely, seltzers for example have made up more than 55% of Whole Foods Markets sales in the ready-to-drink pre-mixed drinks since launching and continues to grow. The Whole Foods Market 2022 Trend Report, a report written by more than 50 Whole Foods Market team members anticipating the biggest trends for 2022, predicted that ‘Buzz-Less Spirits’ would still be an ongoing trend. With the sober-curious mindset here to stay, the new line-up of drinks that provide the taste and sophistication of cocktails without the buzz will no doubt keep consumer interest in this category. 

Who buys low/no alcohol products? What do these shoppers find attractive about the low/no proposition?
Our biggest customer group are millennials and Gen Z (age 18-41), as they put their health and wellbeing first and are attracted to low/no alcohol products due to the lower calories and it being better for their overall health. We stock a wide range of quality, unique flavoured low/no alcohol such as the East London Liquor Company 0.5% Gin and Tonic which our customers find attractive due to the unusual flavours and vibrant packaging. 

What are the most popular low/no products in Whole Foods Market’s range?
Leading the way in stocking high quality, trending products, our most popular low/no products across our seven London stores are the White Claw Hard Seltzers. We have seen a whopping 120% YOY growth in the brand and we are hoping for another strong summer.