05 February 2019, 14:03 PM
  • Award-winning Norfolk Deli has launched its own range of 'Brexit Hampers', which are full of artisan food that will appeal to "both sides of the divide"
Norfolk Deli launches Brexit-themed gift hampers

With 29th March, 2019 - the day that the UK will seize to be a member of the EU - drawing ever closer, the fine food shop has carefully curated different hampers suited for customers’ friends, colleagues and clients.

“Whether you want to celebrate the day with a slice of Stilton or cry into your sauerkraut, the Norfolk Deli is offering customers a couple of hampers created to celebrate the best of local (British produce), and two which include some European classics,” said Norfolk Deli.

“We have a very traditional delicatessen,” said Rosie Kacary, co-founder/director of Norfolk Deli. “Our key focus is on locally produced Norfolk produce, but as you can imagine we also offer a range of products which many of our customers will have tasted and bought on their trips abroad.

“Brexit is a momentous moment in the history of this country. Eating and sharing food is one way to heal rifts and we hope that people buy each other hampers (from both sides of the divide) as a way of coming together. The Norfolk Deli scoured through a long list of songs which all have the word ‘Leave’ in its title and have named each hamper accordingly.”

The Brexit Hampers are available to buy through the Norfolk Deli website.

Image: The contents of the ‘Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em’ Brexit hamper