30 October 2019, 12:18 PM
  • Research from Mintel shows that 17% of all food and drink products launched in the continent are carrying an organic claim
Organic food and drink market continues to grow

Research from Mintel has shown that Europe is leading the way when it comes to organic food and drink innovation, with 17% of all food and drink products launched in the continent carrying an organic claim. The total share of new global food and drink product launches with organic claims has also risen from 6% to 10% in the 10 years between August 2009 and July 2019. The research highlighted that Millenials and Gen Zs in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland are the most likely to purchase organic food and drink.

Speaking at Anuga, Katya Witham, global food & drink analyst at Mintel, says, “Organic produce has seen growing support among European consumers at a time of increasing concerns for wellbeing, health and the environment. Our research shows that the European market is spearheading organic food and drink innovation, with France, Germany and Spain leading the way. Although organic products have fully entered mainstream channels and continue to gain traction with shoppers, the organic segment still offers innovation opportunities across numerous food and drink categories. This is especially true in categories where organic claims have previously played a minor role, such as wine.”

For a detailed look at the organic food and drink industry, refer to the Speciality Food Organic Report 2019, in partnership with BIOFACH.

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