Perfect party pairings with Dawn Davies, The Whisky Exchange

25 October 2022, 08:23 AM
  • Dawn Davies, head buyer at The Whisky Exchange shares her favourite food and drink partners worth celebrating
Perfect party pairings with Dawn Davies, The Whisky Exchange

Charcuterie – the classic pairing might be a great wine or sherry but why not try a mezcal instead, especially one with more meaty notes?

Smoked salmon – you could go traditional and go with Champagne or a smoky whisky but why not try something new and go for a really good vodka, a category that is on the up– try one that has texture and flavour/or a cheeky calvados with its appley notes.

Olives – that lovely briny, salty character in Olives is crying out for a fresh Pisco or a dry vermouth on ice.

Nuts – a great rum or a cognac is the ultimate pairing here – nuttiness with nuttiness or rich fruit-driven notes. What is not to love?

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