18 February 2019, 16:30 PM
  • The founder of Planet Organic and co-founder of Beluga Bean shares the journey towards a better life and planet
Viewpoint: Renee Elliot


I looked at what was, and I thought there must be something better. For me, Planet Organic was about wellbeing and food specifically – for me, physical wellbeing is broken into food, exercise and sleep – I see that as the foundation, because if you don’t have physical health you’re not going to reach your potential, however excited you are to live your life.

Through my twenties and thirties I thought about what could be better in every area of my life – alternative therapies instead of medicine, how to find joy in your work, relationships and beyond. I was constantly asking myself what I could do better and experience better, and how I could make that happen. Better doesn’t usually mean conventional, and conventional wisdom isn’t always smart.

Throughout my time working at Planet Organic, I realised that I had formulated more pillars of wellbeing – as well as physical, occupational, psychological, economic, spiritual and social.

My business partner Sam and I launched Beluga Bean to run courses in support of individuals and business and to bring those pillars together. As time goes on I see more people coming into the Beluga Bean family, including businesses and corporates, and we will go on to add more courses and mentors as time goes on.


My mission is to promote health in the community. People often ask me if I had a role model or a mentor – the only role model I really had during this journey is Anita Roddick, a successful, values-led, shake-it-up kind of woman. I’m inspired by many of my mentees who are creating values-led business in order to do good.

I believe that values-led business is good business – any good business that adds value to peoples’ lives is inspiring.

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