29 April 2022, 10:07 AM
  • Cathy Moseley, founder of Boundless Activated Snacking reveals her global last supper, what inspires her, and the weirdest thing she's ever eaten
5 minutes with Cathy Moseley, Boundless Activated Snacking

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the food industry?
I’d love to start a fashion blog: I think food and fashion are actually pretty similar, the visual elements mainly. Unfortunately, I’m pretty rubbish on Instagram, so that won’t be happening for a while

What was your first job?
Working in an Elderly Care Home after school, preparing dinner- I used to love it

What inspires you?
Honestly, doing what I’m doing. I love the thought of Boundless being a moment of pleasure for someone, that they truly enjoy the snack I created

What’s the worst job you’ve done?
Cat-sitting when I was a teenager- I am soooo not a cat person

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Working with my team- we’re super close, and so we all get to see each other’s wins. It’s a really special environment. 

And your least favourite?
Hmmm, it’s got to be stickering!! There are no egos at Boundless, we all do our bit, but I’ve got to admit that after stickering my eight-thousandth bag on a Saturday evening I do have to question my sanity… 

How about the food industry?
Love- watching innovative products arrive on the scene. Hate- false claims. I think this year will be a really exciting and eye-opening time for both snacking, and the food industry as a whole.

Tea or coffee?
Tea, but herbal- I don’t drink caffeine, I have the same energy as someone who’s had 8 espressos as it is!

What would be your last supper?
It’d change every day, but if today was my last supper it’d be: aubergine fesenjan served with almond & pomegranate baked rice. I looove Persian cuisine, I guess you can tell that from Boundless’ flavours, and I could hardly pick a dish without nuts! Then I’d follow up with a pint of cider & a bag of our Activated Chips – delish!

What’s your motto?
F*ck it, we’ll find a way. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
I don’t see food as weird really, I’m willing to try most things; how do you know you don’t like it if you don’t try it? The weirdest set up for me was in Rajasthan, a women making curry in a dulux paint pot. Best curry I ever had!!

What’s your favourite book?
The Picture of Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde

Sweet or savoury?
Savoury, always!