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  • “What’s in a name?”

    23 April 2018 Fine Food
    The weeks following the British Pie Awards are always a time for reflection
  • “The power of green”

    23 April 2018 Speciality Bites
    Which company in the UK is run by a former new age traveller, based in Stroud, started by building one windmill, owns a League 2 football club and employs 800 staff with a turnover of around £150m?
  • The Interview: Minette Batters

    23 April 2018 Brexit
    The newly elected president of the NFU talks policy, food chains and how to help
  • Is your business getting it right with millennials?

    23 April 2018 Retail & Industry
    Are marketplace myths holding back your relationship with new customers? Anna Blewett explores the received wisdom of 'millennials'
  • Food Matters Live Awards return for second year

    20 April 2018 News
    The Food Matters Live Awards are back for the 2018 edition of the exhibition, featuring four new categories including Best New Ingredient, Best Healthy Eating Initiative and Best Retailer for Health and Wellbeing.
  • “How to: tell the story”

    20 April 2018 Town Crier
    Try going into the average supermarket and asking about the cheese on offer. After an awkward silence at the outrage of unbidden interaction, the assistant might start to read whatever information is on the packaging
  • “What’s in a name?”

    20 April 2018
    The weeks following the British Pie Awards are always a time for reflection
  • “No-one does a gala dinner quite like Nisa!”

    20 April 2018
    Last week I was at the NISA Annual Show in Stoneleigh with the highlight being the Gala Dinner. No-one quite does a Gala Dinner like NISA!
  • Cotswold Fayre launches specialist butchers range

    20 April 2018 News
    Fine food wholesaler and distributor Cotswold Fayre has launched a new range of products specifically selected for butcher shops as this specialist sector seeks to expand its in-store proposition.
  • “We’re saying ‘we’re unable to fulfil this’ a lot less often”

    20 April 2018 Opinion
    As a butchery renowned throughout the UK – let alone its Yorkshire home – it would be easy for David Lishman of Lishman’s to rest on his laurels. After all, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, right? Instead, he has invested in catering to growing demand, taking on increasing numbers of customers and boosting efficiency into the bargain. We find out how he went about making this change happen, and the results he’s seen so far