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  • Viewpoint: Angus Thirlwell, Hotel Chocolat

    08 November 2018 News
    Hotel Chocolat’s founder talks making people happy and doing business differently
  • TREND WATCH: Mood Food

    13 November 2018 News
    Over half of adults say their mood is worse during winter. Exciting new research suggests food can make a difference, says Sally-Jayne Wright
  • Global warming: how it’s affecting the UK food scene

    12 November 2018 News
    With a record-breaking hot summer on the coat tails of a record-breaking cold winter, British crops have been put through serious strain
  • Appreciation

    12 November 2018 Speciality Bites
    On attending a performance in London’s West End this weekend and talking afterwards we were reflecting on what an unusual job it is being a stage actor. Working at night, spending hours each day being made-up and months of practice before the real job. One thing actors and others in the public arena such as sports stars don’t miss out on though is appreciation. After and during every performance these professionals enjoy several standing ovations and many minutes of loud appreciation.
  • Is this the future of farming?

    09 November 2018 News
    We speak with Adalberto Luis and Hortencia Pina, members of co-operative Sao Tome, about how their connection with Divine is helping sustain a community
  • “Watch out or the Krampus will get you”

    08 November 2018 Fine Food
    Christmas is just around the corner but it’s a fair bet that even the most fervent Brexit remainers are unlikely to be including Krampusnacht in their calculations.
  • “In praise of the PDOs – Defra, sort it PDQ!”

    08 November 2018 Town Crier
    When I first travelled to the USA in the 1970s, I was amazed to see “Californian Champagne”.
  • “A shop for all seasons”

    08 November 2018 Expert Eye
    As we retailers are just about to enter our busiest season, “it is a truth universally acknowledged” that there are not only Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Four Colly Birds and the Four Tops but also Four Seasons in every year.
  • What will happen to Cornish pasties post-Brexit?

    08 November 2018 Brexit
    Can a Cornish pasty originate from anywhere other than Cornwall? Well, not at the moment, due to the operation of EU regulations within the UK. But will this change
    following Brexit? Tom Broster, associate at Briffa Legal, fills us in
  • Bodnant Welsh Food Centre owners seek buyer to “help secure the future of the business”

    06 November 2018 News
    Despite winning numerous awards and welcoming millions of visitors through its doors, the current owners of the Bodnant Welsh Food Centre in Conwy are looking for a buyer in order to save the business