Cheese Talk

  • Mary Quicke

    “Keeping the faith”

    Our aim is to produce world class cheese and have it sold world class around the world. What does that take?
  • Charles Martell

    “Don’t sway to populists”

    With consumer demands continually fluctuating and markets changing on a yearly basis, it’s almost impossible to predict what the new craze or sudden ‘loser’ will be.
  • Juliet Harbutt

    “Making a spectacle of yourself”

    Until a few weeks ago I was feeling rather smug about my moved to New Zealand, basking in a four month-long near-drought with autumn temperatures rarely falling below 20ºC
  • Giles Barber of Barber’s

    “Cheese magic – it’s in our culture”

    We all know that cheese is magic… really. Some milk, some rennet, some starter culture, some salt and maybe sometimes some controlled mould, and hey presto you have thousands of different cheeses
  • David Hartley of Wensleydale

    “Best of British”

    The quality of British cheese is fast gaining international recognition, with exports reaching an all-time high in 2014 as we continue to strengthen our reputation globally as quality cheesemakers.
  • Tim Rowcliffe of Rowcliffe & Son

    “Round the block”

    Next year we celebrate our fiftieth birthday. And while we are all that much older, it's interesting to reflect on how little the world of cheese has changed over the years.
  • Juliet Harbutt

    “Young vs Old”

    When I started Jeroboams in the late 80s, working in a cheese shop didn’t have the cache it has now – I remember advertising in the Evening Standard and getting just one reply!
  • Juliet Harbutt

    “Bag and box your old ideas”

    Whether you have had a good, very good or spectacular Christmas, January is not just a time to sit back and draw breath
  • Juliet Harbutt

    “Christmas markets and tastings”

    Are you ready for Christmas this year? If you opened sometime in 2015 then you have an excuse. The rest of you should know better
  • Juliet Harbutt

    “Sharing the glut”

    It’s that time of year in the country, when anyone with even half a green finger and an apple or plum tree is trying to figure out what to do with Mother Nature’s overgenerous crop
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