24 February 2017, 05:59 AM
  • Cheese shop Androuet has an impressive history that goes back to 1909, with branches in London, Paris and Stockholm. Leo Guarneri, owner of the revered cheese institution, shares his must-stock French varieties
10 French Cheeses You Need to Know

Rove des Garrigues
A beautiful fresh goat’s cheese from Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur with subtle thyme, rosemary and lavender flavours

Pavé d’Auge
A holey soft cow’s milk washed rind cheese from Normandy with a strong spicy flavour

Délice des Cabasses
A fresh sheep’s curd cheese from the Midi-Pyrénées with a tangy, sweet flavour and refreshing finish

Lou Sounal
A soft sheep’s milk cheese from Lozère with a complex, earthy flavour

Brillat Savarrin
A triple cream cow’s milk cheese from Ile de France or Burgundy with a rich hint of crème frâiche, originally named by Mr Androuet

Bleu du Val d’Aillons
A blue veined cow’s cheese from Savoy with a melting, creamy texture

A hard, buttery cow’s cheese from Auvergne with a complex grassy and peppery and citrus flavour

Bleu des Basques
A blue veined ewe’s milk cheese from the south west of France (Basque country) with a hint of wild flowers and subtle flavour

A Casinca
A soft goats cheese with a washed rind. Robust, almost wild, Corsican goats roam freely over vast landscapes, infusing their milk with various herbal aromas

A natural rind goat’s cheese. The composition of the cheese varies depending on the methods of each farm. There is no one way of making this cheese, some farmers use a mix of goat’s and cow’s milk. It tastes slightly nutty and has an intense flavour

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