5 Reasons Why You Should Try Smart Weighing Scales

19 April 2017, 10:18 AM
  • Food weighing scales play an essential role in the success of your business, and 'smart' options help with accurate weighing, label printing and achieving quick responses, to name just a few benefits. Kevin Hill of Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, California explains why you should invest
5 Reasons Why You Should Try Smart Weighing Scales

Smart scales can help you achieve numerous tasks in the deli. You can use the weighing scales as a part of your everyday services at the counter or you can use it to offer a self-service point of sale to your customers.

Technology gives the best results when the users can use it in the right manner. The reason smart weighing scales are great to integrate into your deli business is because they are extremely user-friendly. Most smart scales have color-coded pictograms and clear article designations. This makes it very easy for the operators to use and work with smart weighing scales. Moreover, they feature a flexible layout which can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Energy efficient
Smart weighing scales are fitted with energy-saving components as a standard, which makes these scales quite energy efficient. You can also integrate lithium-ion battery technology with the weighing scales as this feature can be really useful if you are in the mobile trade or power fluctuations are frequent in your area.

Function as label printers, too
You won’t have to invest on label printers and printers separately if you have smart weighing scales as they serve as label or ticket printers too. You can easily switch the functions between a label and ticket printing. Additionally, you can print product labels, tickets and adhesive tickets of impressive quality quickly and effortlessly.

Have modern designs
Who said you can’t have good looking technology in your deli? The smart weighing scales come in modern designs that add elegance to your decor. At the same time, they don’t compromise on the functionality or practically, and they require less maintenance.

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