10 October 2016, 05:16 AM
  • Keep your staff satisfied and eager to learn with this invaluable advice
5 Top Staff Retention Tips

• Regular training and testings to instil thorough product knowledge
Knowledge will increase through trying products, which in turn provides staff with the confidence and desire to talk about them.

• Visits to and from producers
Encourage staff to attend relevant trade shows, supplier days and local food festivals, as well as visiting other farm shops.

• Job rotations
Allowing some leeway with regards to time off for special occasions or personal reasons also has benefits in staff loyalty and instills a sense of well-being.

• Informal management with regular chats
Fostering and maintaining interest in the job is central to retaining a happy and cohesive workforce.

• Rewards and incentives
Annual or bi-annual staff parties are a great way of saying thanks to employees.

Read the full feature on keeping staff happy, by Robin Goldsmith, in the latest issue of Speciality Food, free to download here.

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