5 Ways To Keep Up With Free-From

14 July 2016, 15:23 PM
  • Don’t get saddled with leftover free-from stock. Stay ahead of the game with Sally-Jayne Wright's top tips
5 Ways To Keep Up With Free-From

- Do what free-from customers do and look for products praised by specialist bloggers and on forums. There are over 30 gluten-free bloggers listed on coeliac.org.uk

- Keep an eye on the annual Free-from Food Awards. Products are rated and tasted by free-from consumers who understand the many challenges

- Consider grouping free-from products in one dedicated part of your store rather than stacking gluten-free bread under bread and so on

- Arrange in-store tastings if the product is new or unusual

- Remember, not all free-from food is gluten-free

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