12 April 2017, 08:52 AM
  • UK consumers buy more alcohol than anyone else in Europe, according to a new report by ecommerce firm, Profitero, in conjunction with Nielsen
UK Consumers Are the Most Likely in Europe to Buy Alcohol Online

The report shows that around 21 per cent of UK consumers had bought alcohol online, with Britons being the world’s third biggest online buyers of alcohol behind China and Japan.

The report states that the growth is being driven by six key factors, including the proliferation of challenger brands, such as craft beers, and millennials reaching legal drinking age.

It also notes that the ease and convenience of online and click-and-collect ordering have contributed to the rise in online alcohol purchases.

Keith Anderson, senior vice president of strategy and insights said, “Plenty of factors point to increasing demand for alcohol sales online, and we know that tech-savvy consumers expect to buy beer, wine and spirits online or with the tap of a smartphone just as they do any other product. Alcohol looks set to be the next sector to be disrupted by the continued shift to digital.”