26 February 2007, 20:19 PM
  • The humble £20 note will get a re-design as from 13th March, when the Bank of England brings in a revised edition which offers enhanced security for retailers.

The revised note features an image of the Economist, Adam Smith, and is said to be harder to copy.

“The note’s enhanced security features will play a key role in our continuing fight to prevent counterfeiting,” said Andrew Bailey, executive director of the Bank of England’s banking services and chief cashier section.

The new-style £20 notes will circulate alongside the old-style Sir Edward Elgar note, which will be progressively withdrawn from circulation. Further details of the new note and enhanced security features are explained in a leaflet that is available as part of the Bank’s range of educational materials.

For more information, contact 020 7601 4878, or go to www.bankofengland.co.uk.