Charitable British Business In Trademark Case Against Pepsi

02 September 2013, 10:14 AM
  • Life Water, the ethical drinks manufacturer, is today set to go to court to fight against drinks giant Pepsi, in response to it calling its bottled water range Sobe Lifewater
Charitable British Business In Trademark Case Against Pepsi

The Brighton-based company has sold more than 35 million bottles of its ethical water to date, plus provided over 1 billion litres of clean water to communities in need, and has found itself having to spend thousands of pounds to defend its case.

Simon Konecki, director of Life Water, said: “It’s frustrating to have to spend money on what should be a clear cut legal case when it could be doing much needed work in developing communities instead. The name Lifewater is obviously almost identical to Life Water, and we’d be incredibly disappointed for anyone to confuse our ethical, charitable and carbon neutral bottled water with one that doesn’t share the values we’re passionate about.”

“We’ve worked extremely hard to build our reputation, particularly as a small business, and our client list shows that. From being chosen as the official water of The Brit Awards to being on stage at Wireless festival, the Life Water brand is widely recognised and we rightly want to protect it.”

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