25 March 2013, 10:36 AM
  • The Food and Drink Federation has said that growing markets in the Middle East and Africa have made chocolate the fastest growing food export in the UK
Chocolate Becomes Fastest Growing UK Export

Exports of the confectionery in 2012 were 19.3% higher than the previous year, rising to £524 million.

A lot of the chocolate goes to nearby Ireland, Germany, Holland and France, but exports of UK-produced chocolate to the United Arab Emirates grew by 69%, with demand also increasing in Australia and South Africa.

While larger companies such as Nestle are responsible for bulk sales, smaller producers are also receiving interest from foreign buyers.

Louis Barnett, founder of Louis Barnett Chocolates, said, “Our export markets have been increasing rapidly and we definitely see it as a fundamental part of our business activity for 2013 and will be crucial to our business growth. We are increasing our customers and countries, and are always looking for new markets in which our truly innovative and exciting brand can flourish.”

Exports of sugar-based confectionery also grew by six percent in 2012, with Saudi Arabia importing 213% more UK-produced sweets than the previous year.

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