26 March 2007, 17:25 PM
  • A new survey from Eurobarometer has revealed a full 56% of British food buyers would be willing to change their choice of supermarket based on issues of animal welfare.

In response to the new figures, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) claimed that across Europe there is a desire among consumers for food producers to do more to ensure the well-being of farm animals.

More than three-quarters of EU citizens and 68% of Brits indicated during the recent survey that they would like to see farm animal welfare improved. “It’s great to see the results of this survey backing up the work we are doing with supermarkets,” said chief policy advisor at the CIWF, Peter Stevenson.

“We have worked tirelessly with them and food suppliers across the UK and Europe to raise the standards of animal welfare.”

Now with offices in France, Ireland and the Netherlands, the CIWF organisation was established 40 years ago by dairy farmer, Peter Roberts, in response to a trend towards intensive farming during the 1960s.