Cotswold Fayre Product Launch Shows Prove Fruitful

14 February 2017, 08:17 AM
  • The fine food wholesale distributor's series of trade shows showcased its new suppliers' products to more than 200 retailers
Cotswold Fayre Product Launch Shows Prove Fruitful

The events held in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bracknell, Bristol and London introduced 35 new suppliers, and 18 new brands from existing suppliers, and presented their products for retailers to sample.

Among the most popular new suppliers at the shows were Great British Biscotti Company, The Snaffling Pig Co., Filotea, Little Turban, Tea Huggers, What a Melon and Sauce Shop.

Paul Hargeaves, chief executive at Cotswold Fayre said, “All of our new suppliers offer something unique to the speciality food market and we were incredibly excited to show retailers what they have to share.

“We have found that offering retailers the opportunity to come and meet all our new suppliers in one place is hugely beneficial to all parties and this year proved to be no exception.

“We are impressed with the number of post-show orders we’ve had so far and look forward to seeing how our new suppliers progress throughout the year.”

65 per cent of retailers which attended the shows placed an order with Cotswold Fayre, reports the company.

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