New Commercial Director for Seggiano

29 January 2015, 15:31 PM
  • David Doctorow, former vice president of purchasing and distribution for Whole Foods Market, has been announced as the new Commercial Director for the Seggiano Brand at Peregrine Trading Ltd
New Commercial Director for Seggiano

The new role will see him simultaneously act as managing director for Peregrine Trading UK’s US subsidiary, in a move by the company to develop and grow its ‘Seggiano Real Food From Italy’ business in both the UK and America.

David Doctorow, commercial director said, “We’re looking to build on our years of success in the fine food sector by reaching out to new customers and expanding on our relationships with existing ones – this will be via product innovation and promotional programmes in order to appeal to as many consumers as we can.

“Independent retailers are our audience, and we’re expanding our sales team in order to go out to meet them, see what’s working and discuss demos and promotions. We’re planning to work with retailers on tastings, as we know that when people taste Seggiano products and know the stories behind them, they become loyal fans.”

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