Farm Shop Sees Leap in British Food Sales

27 April 2012, 09:40 AM
  • With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee only weeks away, a farm shop owner has seen a growing demand for heritage foods such as tripe
Farm Shop Sees Leap in British Food Sales

Peter McTurk, owner of award winning Farm Shop Calcott Hall based in Brentwood, Essex estimates that there has been a 20% increase in requests for old fashioned choices of meat, such as heart, ox cheek, sweetbreads tripe and other offal.

Peter puts the resurgence down to hard times and a growing emphasis being put on the importance of all edible parts of an animal being eaten to reduce wastage.

Commenting on the revival, Peter says, “British food has gotten some bad press over the years often described as bland and flavourless, however we know this isn’t true. Chefs such as Heston Blumenthal have reinvented recipes from yesteryear prompting a surge of interest in traditional British dishes.”

Peter continues, “People are also turning to traditional cakes and desserts such as Battenberg and rice pudding. We have also seen an increase in sales for vegetables that in recent years have lost favour with the public, including cabbage, swede and turnips.”

As part of this historic year in Britain’s history, Calcott Hall has commissioned, through local Essex Bakers Shepherds, a ‘Jubilee Tea Loaf’ to be on the shelves in May, they have also teamed up with local Brentwood Brewery for an exclusive Jubilee Beer which infuses flavours of English hops and Calcott Halls home grown strawberries.

Calcott Hall are flying the flag for British food, inviting people to dig out their family recipes, and share their love for these forgotten foods on their Facebook page.

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