24 November 2016, 16:18 PM
  • The fine food wholesaler and distributor has continued to champion British cured meats in its autumn product range
Harvey & Brockless Announces New Charcuterie Range

The company wishes to satisfy UK consumers’ growing appetite for British-cured meats by adding new additions to its charcuterie catalogue.

Among the products to be added to the range are new supplier Cobble Lane Cured’s Kabanos (a smoked Polish sausage made from pork shoulder and spices) and Beef Salami.

Other options include Capreolus’ Dorset Air Dried Beef and Free-Range Duck Confit and Great Glen’s Venison Chorizo.

Graham Stoodley, category manager for Harvey & Brockless said, “It is an exciting time for British cured meat, the sector is really flourishing, producers are taking inspiration from European traditions while maintaining a proud British identity. Artisans have embraced the revival, and are delivering great tastes to new audiences. Harvey & Brockless work closely with suppliers and are proud to champion and showcase these home grown talents.”

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