How Selfridges Sells Summer Drinks

05 April 2016, 13:03 PM
  • Terry Threlfall, wine and spirits buyer at Selfridges, offers his insights into selling summer drinks

Proseccos are always popular during the warmer seasons and we’ve just started stocking Skinny Prosecco exclusively which is organic, vegan and has 60% less sugar so is set to be a summer favourite. Gin will continue to be popular this year, as it’s such a versatile spirit and we will be stocking an exclusive Grapefruit Gin by Chase which will be perfect for summer cocktails. We’ll so also be stocking up on craft beers, local ciders and sparkling English wines so there will be a strong British theme this season.

From the non-alcoholic category, we’re predicting cold brew teas to be a big trend. Similar to cold brew coffee the tea is steeped in cold water over a long period of time. This process gives the tea a sweeter flavour profile as it produces less bitter catechins. It’s very refreshing whilst still containing zero sugar.

Alcohol free beers and wines have been available for a while now but no one has really experimented with alcohol free spirits before, making Seedlip a pioneer in this field. It’s the first time there has been a product in the market that talks to people who don’t want to drink alcohol or want to abstain from alcohol but who want an ‘adult’ beverage can enjoy the same great taste of a martini or gin and tonic without the alcohol. It sold out within three days of launching at the end of last year showing there is a real market for superior tasting non-alcoholic options, so it’s definitely a category we’re looking to expand.

Gin and craft beers have continued to be popular and are selling well across all our stores, showing it’s not just a London or cosmopolitan trend but something that there is nationwide interest for.

The cocktail scene has had a big influence and has started to make its way into our homes, making consumers become more experimental with what they serve their guests. We’ve seen increased sales in vermouths, cocktail kits and premixed cocktails so I think this summer we’ll see more flavoured gins and unusual mixers emerging.

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