24 August 2017, 08:53 AM
  • In 2016, Ecotricity helped business customers save 23,610 tonnes of CO2. That’s equivalent to driving round the world 4,285 times! Here they share a few ideas on how you can make your business greener
How To: Go Green

1. Replace your lighting with LEDs and motion sensor lighting – you’ll be surprised at how much energy (and money) you save!
2. Recycle and compost wherever possible – set up designated recycling and compost bins in your office.
3. If you’re buying new equipment, make sure it’s as efficient as possible by checking the European energy efficiency labels.
4. Join the Ride to Work scheme, and encourage your staff to carshare, take public transport or walk to work.
5. Switch to green energy – it’s the single biggest thing any business can do to cut their carbon footprint and boycott fossil fuels.

Make sure that your energy supplier reinvests in green energy, and doesn’t just supply it. At Ecotricity, we use our customers’ energy bills to fund the building of new sources of green energy – what we call turning ‘bills into mills’.

And it works - on average over the past decade, we’ve spent more per customer on building new sources of green energy than any other energy company in Britain.

Our mission it to create a Green Britain. And by taking the small steps that we’ve listed above, it can make a BIG difference.

Ecotricity is working with the Soil Association throughout September to help businesses go green. To find out more, click here

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