18 September 2015, 09:15 AM
  • Ever considered extending your offering with a cafe? Here are 7 tips for doing just that
How To: Open a Cafe

Do your research thoroughly and be absolutely confident in your numbers. It could be a costly exercise otherwise

Be confident about your budgets and projections. Don’t start a project before you have looked at all the costs associated with getting it set up

Consider your target customers and whether they will require table service or self-service: the overheads are very different!

Find out how much competition there is in your area. How far away is it, what do they already offer there? How similar is their menu to the one you plan? Do they undercut you on price?

Ensure a practical layout. Waiters and waitresses need easy access to all parts of the room as well as good visibility from the servery area to all covers

Work with your EHO to ensure paperwork is in place. You will need Food Safety in Catering, Health & Safety, First Aid, HACCP and Alcohol licensing

Have full dress rehearsals before you open your cafe. Invite staff, friends and anyone who will come. Cook the entire menu and turn it into a fun treat for them

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