Island Bakery Supplies British Airways

04 April 2014, 09:33 AM
  • The Hebrides-based biscuit producer is now supplying biscuits to the airline's short-haul flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports

The new contract will see Island Bakery producing 7 million biscuits for British Airways over the next 12 months, and follows the recent characterful rebranding which saw a positive response at its launch at this year’s Biofach event.

Joe said, “It’s a fantastic opportunity to get our biscuits into the hands – and mouths – of hundreds of thousands of people every year. It’s not only going to help keep our small team of bakers busy, but will drive custom to our retail stockists. We hope all our independent farm shops, delicatessens and organic stores will see the benefit.”

The company, founded by husband and wife team Joe and Dawn Reade, produces a range of six well-established biscuits, including its ‘signature’ lemon melts. The biscuits themselves have also been revamped, with butter replacing a small amount of palm oil. Joe said, “Despite using absolutely the best palm we could source in terms of environmental impact, we felt that removing it altogether gave a stronger message. And we’ve done it without any effect on pricing.”

To keep up with demand, the business has recently moved into a new premises complete with wood-fired biscuit ovens – a world first – and powered by electricity generated by water from the nearby Tobermory river. Joe said, “We’re proud to be one of a growing band of green food producers who are looking at all aspects of their operation to become as environmentally benign as possible. And the wood-fired oven gives a super bake too!”

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