Jam Maker Fined for False Labelling

28 August 2012, 10:32 AM
  • A Suffolk-based jam manufacturer has been fined after falsely claiming that its products contained locally-sourced fruit
Jam Maker Fined for False Labelling

Stonham Hedgerow, in Hemingstone near Ipswich, listed Suffolk and English fruits as the main ingredient.

But trading standards officers discovered fruits from Poland and China were being used in some cases, as well as rhubarb and blackberries from Yorkshire.

The director of the company admitted to the charges, and both her and the business have been fined £4,250 and ordered to pay £6,500 costs.

Clare Davies, senior trading standards officer and lead food officer for Suffolk County Council, told Food Manufacture, “This is an example of a company misleading the public in an attempt to save money and cut corners to produce a cheaper product. This has cost them a great deal of money as the court placed a hefty fine on the business for the seriousness of the offence.

“Our officers regularly check claims on food because it is imperative that consumers have complete confidence that claims are honest and truthful. There was no way consumers would have known that the claimed local origin of these products was a far cry from reality.

“We have some fantastic food and drink in Suffolk, which makes it even more important that we maintain the high standards by taking action against those who make false claims,” she added.

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