Lancashire-Based Crisp Producer Enjoys Success

06 August 2012, 12:00 PM
  • Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps is celebrating its first year in business with an increase in production, a new flavour and increased availability

The business, established in July last year, now makes over 20,000 packets a week in Rufford where the potatoes are grown.

There is also a newly-launched Lancashire Chilli flavour, made using Westshore Chillies grown a few miles from the Fiddler’s farm.

John Fiddler, who owns the business with his brother, said, “Demand for premium crisps hasn’t shown any sign of easing with consumers, despite the downturn. Customers are placing greater emphasis on brand exclusivity and provenance, which comes in abundance with us. Our crisps are made metres from the field where the potatoes used to make them are grown – on first class soil.

“Because we grow the potatoes, we keep a close eye on them ensuring the quality is right to achieve the light golden fry colour our crisps are famous for. This is where we differ and appeal to consumers, as the big crisps manufacturers find it difficult to achieve a consistent product,” he added.

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