12 January 2009, 20:13 PM
  • The Regional Food Group (RFG) will host the third Innovation Forum on 28th January 2009 at the Thorpe Park Hotel in Leeds.

The event, which is open to food and drink companies throughout Yorkshire and Humber, will explore issues surrounding innovation. It will consist of three presentations and two workshops. One of the speakers, John Kirkby, creative director for Design Futures, comments, “This Innovation Forum will highlight the opportunities and resources available to businesses in our region. Innovation is what ultimately sets products apart. Considering the crowded food market within which companies now operate, it is more important than ever to inspire delegates to be more creative and innovative in their approach to meeting the needs of their customers.”

Tickets for the event, including workshops, presentations, refreshments and a regional food buffet cost £95 + VAT for Food Group members and £130 + VAT for non-members. For further information and bookings call 01937 838895, or email laura.gill@regionalfoodgroup.co.uk.