05 December 2013, 11:48 AM
  • Britons can now enjoy Australia's biggest-selling natural sweetener, Natvia
Natvia Brought To UK

Made using the sweetest and freshest tips of leaves from the stevia plant, it contains zero calories, is low in carbohydrates and is fructose-free. Its ingredients are also low in GI.

The ingredient has been used in a new lemon poppyseed bundt cake by the Primrose Bakery in Notting Hill.  Rebecca Carlton, chef at Primrose Bakery said, “There is a growing demand for sugar-free cakes and Natvia offers the perfect solution. It’s a great product to work with - not only is the sponge of our Sugar Free Lemon Poppy seed bundt cake made using Natvia, it is also soaked with a lemon juice and Natvia drizzle.”

Sam Tew, co-founder of Natvia, said, “We’re really pleased Primrose Bakery has created such a great recipe using Natvia, showing how well the product works as a sugar alternative, and offering diabetics and the health conscious the chance to make and enjoy a healthy cake that still tastes delicious.”

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