13 July 2017, 08:42 AM
  • Jeremy Bowen, trade and corporate sales manager at Paxton & Whitfield, lists the display details to avoid
Paxton & Whitfield: 7 Cheese Display Pet Peeves

● A cheese counter that has no logic to how the cheeses have been laid out

● Too many cheeses on display or in the range. When working with our wholesale customers we always advise that it is better to have a smaller range of excellent artisan cheeses than a wide selection. It is visually more appealing and much better for keeping an eye on stock rotation and wastage

● Too many cut and pre-wrapped pieces of cheese on the counter – they’ve been pre-cut in anticipation of sales when they should be cut fresh to order

● Bad-looking cheeses on display. Whether they look old, discoloured or too mouldy, when I see this it always makes me wonder how the cheese is being looked after behind the scenes

● Cheese and samples that have been put out on display without any pricing or information

● Small bits of cheese that are the end of larger pieces out on display for sale. When I see this I always feel it is a sign that a cheesemonger isn’t skilled in how they cut cheese from larger pieces and in managing their stock

● I don’t like it when there is only just cheese being sampled. To help with cross-selling, I always recommend that wholesale customers add in a chutney and a biscuit when sampling so that they can promote more of the product they are selling and also give customers more options

Image courtesy of WBC

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