3 food trends to explore in January

07 January 2022, 07:28 AM
  • Discover the biggest buzzwords this month, and how your shop can cash in
3 food trends to explore in January

No and low alcohol

The annual alcohol moderation movement Dry January will kick off on 1st January, and those taking part have never had a tastier selection of no and low drinks to help them through the month-long event. Ensure your alcohol-free beers and botanical gin replacements are centre stage. As well as appealing to the strict zero-alcohol abstainers, these products will also jump out to customers who may have indulged a bit too much over the festive period, and younger generations where the alcohol moderation trend has taken off. Why not also try positioning a few health-focused functional drinks by your no/low selection to tempt shoppers looking for an extra feel-good benefit?

Vegan food

One in four Brits have cut back on animal products during the pandemic, according to The Vegan Society, and Sainsbury’s Future of Food Report says that up to a quarter of the British population will be vegan or vegetarian by 2025. Thanks to the annual plant-based pledge Veganuary, January is the time when vegan products fly off the shelves. Push the boat out with a few new products this year, like seitan-based meat replacements or oat milk-based drinks – and don’t forget about your ‘accidentally vegan products’ (more on this on page 34). Retailers with cafés and restaurants would be remiss not to try out new plant-based menu options this month, too.

Regenerative credentials

A couple of years ago, The Ethical Butcher came up with the idea for Regenuary, yet another foodie campaign for the start of the new year, and since then it has taken off. The initiative draws a spotlight onto products sourced from regenerative farms which prioritise soil health and sustainability. That means it is the perfect time to bring eco-friendly products to the fore to attract conscious consumers and give the brands that are giving something back a new-year boost.

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