Distributor insight: Must-stock Italian products

05 December 2022, 13:07 PM
  • Halima Markey, business development manager at Skoulikas Bedford, shares her insights into Italian products in the UK
Distributor insight: Must-stock Italian products

What Italian products does Skoulikas stock?
Vicenzi Biscuits, La Fiammante Tomatoes, Granoro Pasta, Pan Ducale Biscuits and Crostini’s, Pasticceria, Venezia Cakes & Cannoli’s, Fiorucci Meats, D’amico Preserved Vegetables

What are your top sellers?
Vicenzi Savoiardi, Vicenzi Amarette biscuits La Fiammante Passata, Pan Ducale Crostini’s, Fiorucci Mortadella cooked meats.

In your experience, what do consumers want from Italian food products?
Authentic products from quality producers. To experience the products they have tasted on holiday and or at traditional restaurants. Consumers are interested to learn about provenance of products, but most importantly the products must deliver in taste and quality.

What’s in the future for Italian cuisine in the UK?
To make sure that the quality and authenticity of products remains as good as ever. Don’t be fooled with cheap alternatives that don’t use quality ingredients and not even made in Italy!

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