How Britain’s chefs are cashing in on localism and seasonality

25 July 2022, 07:00 AM
  • Promoting local and seasonal produce is a key part of indie success. We take a look at five chefs from around the UK who do just that
How Britain’s chefs are cashing in on localism and seasonality

1 Dorian Janmaat, The Idle Rocks
Set on the Roseland Peninsula in the heart of Cornwall, The Idle Rocks hotel and restaurant specialises in fresh seafood.
“The demand for fresh, local and seasonal cuisine is now more prominent than ever, and given The Idle Rocks’ waterside location, it must be about offering the best locally sourced seafood and ingredients possible to our guests.”

Find out how Dorian Janmaat, head chef at The Idle Rocks, champions local produce here.

2 Ronan Shaftoe, Brett
Based in the West End of Glasgow, Brett is a wine bar and eatery specialising in local cuisine. 

“As a non-native to Scotland, I would say the most inspiring thing about the food and drink of Glasgow is more than just the produce. I find the people of Glasgow to be very proud of what they produce and who they are. Something about the experience of living here really brings people together and it shows with the people. 

“Bringing that idea to the food, you find a lot of people that are very proud of what they do, no matter where they sit in the industry. There are plenty of microbreweries, coffee roasters, butchers and fishmongers serving some great produce.”

Discover how Ronan Shaftoe, head chef at Brett, uses local suppliers to help shape his business and menu here.

3 Mattia Aranini, Sushi on Jones
Located at the very centre of London in King’s Cross, Sushi on Jones offers an affordable approach to a very traditional way of eating sushi.

“All my products, including fish and vegetables alike, are sourced in England, Ireland or Scotland. Fish like salmon are from a farm in Scotland and my mackerel, seabass, seabream and others, like squid or cuttlefish, are from the beautiful Cornish side of this country. I couldn’t ask for a better source.” 

Mattia Aranini, head chef at Sushi On Jones, discusses the importance of seasonality and the Italian influences in his food here

4 Tom Tsappis, Killiekrankie House
Killiekrankie House restaurant is set in Highland Perthshire, on the edge of the picturesque Cairngorms National Park, and serves a tasting menu of innovative Scottish cuisine that celebrates the cultural and gastronomic bounty of the country.

“We make full use of the produce that is available locally and are constantly looking for new producers with interesting things we can use in the kitchen and bar. We change our menu to utilise the very best seasonal produce and ingredients. We partner with Perthshire Wild Food for foraging various produce such as herbs and mushrooms found in the surrounding woods.”

Find out more about Tom Tsappis, chef patron at Killiekrankie House, and his love of foraging here.

5 Hylton Espey, Culture
Culture Restaurant is situated on Custom House Quay in the historic town of Falmouth, and champions the gorgeous produce of Cornwall.

“My menus will be changing constantly with the tides, seasons and harvests. Experiences visiting farms, foraging in the woods or gazing across the Cornish landscape during a surf inspired our menus. We are focused on reducing food waste and offer one menu which allows us to order exactly what we need and prepare it to the best we can.”

Hylton Espey, head chef at Culture Restaurant, discusses seasonality in his food here.

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