How to sell Italian food in 2022

19 July 2022, 12:46 PM
  • With a nation of Italian food lovers, getting your pizza, pasta and antipasti offerings right is increasingly important. Discover the key ways to sell this diverse and delicious cuisine successfully in 2022
How to sell Italian food in 2022

1 Champion alfresco eating
After two years of restrictions, the nation is ready to embrace the outdoors and share food across social occasions again. Showcase the freshest vibrant dishes this summer and your customers will be enjoying alfresco Italian meals at home. 

Find out how to sell Italian alfresco here.

2 Stock up on store-cupboard essentials
There is a variety of ingredients that should take pride of place in every Italian lover’s store cupboard. Whether whipping up a quick but delicious pasta or a more complicated dish, there are certain ingredients that have become as essential in British households as in Italy. 

For retailers, it’s key to have a good stock of these British-Italian basics in order to become a one-stop-shop for your customers, with quality in mind.

Discover the must-stock Italian essentials here.

3 Explore the health trend
Health food has had something of a revival over the past couple of years. It’s true that the pandemic has had consumers reaching into the snack cupboard more than usual, and a couple of stolen moments with a particularly rich and creamy chocolate bar has done many a stressed and overwhelmed Brit a favour over the past two years. 

But health – along with its cousins natural, clean-label, plant-based and free-from– is one of the biggest buzzwords of the moment.

Find out how to sell health with Italian food here.

4 Embrace the power of comfort food
It’s not for nothing that Italian favourites such as lasagne and spaghetti bolognese have topped the UK’s ‘favourite dish’ surveys for generations. From speedy weeknight suppers to low and slow ragu-based dishes bubbling on the stove on weekend afternoons, an Italian-inspired dish is often just what the doctor ordered – comforting, familiar, and usually reassuringly simple.

In this way, Italian cuisine offers foodies a rare opportunity to be comforted and excited all in one fell swoop.

Explore Italian comfort foods here.

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