How to stock free-from with Philip Linardos, ShelfNow

19 January 2023, 15:43 PM
  • Philip Linardos, CEO of ShelfNow, discusses what buyers are stocking up on in the free-from sector
How to stock free-from with Philip Linardos, ShelfNow

We have seen that sales of vegan and gluten-free chocolate have been solid and our partner Eat It Like is one brand that has become particularly popular with our buyers. In the past 12 months, sales of vegan chocolate products have grown by 76.92% on our marketplace.

In the past three months alone, we have also seen a 25% increase in sales of vegan and free-from sauces on ShelfNow. Pico sauces, which is one of our best-selling sauce brands, offers a wide selection of authentic Indian flavours that are suitable for vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets.

The delicious sauces are great for catering to people with different diets and make them some great kitchen staples. In fact, 77.93% of products in our sauces, spreads and seasonings category are vegan and free-from, which shows the growing trend in the market.

Retailers could also stock vegan products with trending ingredients that consumers are keen to try. For example, the CBD market has exploded in recent years with many Brits seeing the benefits of CBD in their diets. ShelfNow is seeing a rise in demand for CBD products such as the Cannasa Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade.

Mushrooms and other adaptive ice have been a trending superfood option for some time now. Their hidden benefits being documented in popular shows such as the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi. The Lion’s Mane IPA from Fungtn has notes of peach and stone fruit and a 0.5g mushroom extract per 330ml.

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