Is your food labelling up to scratch?

29 October 2018, 16:27 PM
  • If you're a producer or make food on your premises – for example run a café or deli counter – you might be affected by potential upcoming changes in food labelling regulation
Is your food labelling up to scratch?

In response, SALSA has announced some additional dates to its workshop calendar in 2019: 22nd January and 19th March.

The sessions will cover regulations regarding product names, allergen labelling, ingredient listing, product claims and nutrition labelling.

Bonnie Joplin of SALSA said, “Developed and delivered by SALSA approved trainers, this course is aimed at small businesses and will guide you through current UK labelling legislation – including allergen labelling.

“It is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to create, check and authorise food labels – giving you all the information you need to label with confidence!”

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