How to promote cheese sales on St Patrick’s Day

14 March 2023, 08:24 AM
  • Not sure how to do St Patrick’s Day right at your independent store? Mike Thompson, owner of Belfast’s Mikes Fancy Cheese, shares his top tips
How to promote cheese sales on St Patrick’s Day

How are you celebrating St Patrick’s Day?
Every day is Irish cheese day at Mikes Fancy Cheese, as that is all we sell. We are right in the centre of town so will certainly be in the thick of it on the 17th! We will be there with cheese on the end of a knife for anyone passing! Cheese toasties are the perfect hangover cure, so we will make sure everyone is well topped up over the weekend.

How are independent fine food retailers well-placed to offer something special for St Patrick’s Day?
We work with lots of smaller indie shops, bakeries and restaurants to make sure there is a big feature on Irish cheese on their counters and plates all year round and run monthly tasting to educate and promote all the great smaller producers we have over here!

How can non-Irish indies get involved in St Patrick’s Day and encourage their customers to try Irish fare?
We work with several customers who are offering tasting this St Patrick’s Day. Courtyard Dairy is doing an Irish cheese, beer and cider tasting. Funk in London has taken a range of Irish cheese for their counter. We are Starter Culture in Glasgow have plenty of Irish cheese for the perfect Irish cheese plate and Liverpool Cheese Co dropped in personally to pick up a wheel of Young Buck! 

So, there is plenty of options for getting some good Irish cheese on your plate this weekend. I know there have been some issues (the B word) getting Irish cheese to the British market but that is one benefit for us being in Northern Ireland – there is no issue for us to move cheese across! We also have subscriptions that we post across the UK at so customers don’t ever have to be without Irish cheese.

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