Retailer insight: Northern Irish cheese

30 January 2023, 08:57 AM
  • Laura Anne Bradley, director at Indie Fude, celebrates Northern Ireland’s innovative food scene
Retailer insight: Northern Irish cheese

Indie Füde is a deli… But not like any other! We have two shops that work in unison to showcase the fabulous produce of the island of Ireland – both as wonderful local groceries, but also as special gifts in our range of beautiful hampers too.

There’s also an events side to the business, which gives us a wonderful way to demonstrate just how versatile and tasty our produce is. We really do love doing anything that lets us communicate our message.

We are all about local. Our key mission is to shout as loud as possible about the brilliant producers and makers the island of Ireland has to offer. From the cheese makers, to the chocolatiers and everything in-between. We are blessed with an extremely talented bunch and we want to show them off, and help to ensure they get the recognition they deserve.

It’s vitally important to celebrate the Northern Irish food scene. We have the enviable combination of skilled makers and wonderful rich farmland, meaning much of our produce is unrivalled.

Our small but perfectly formed range of cheese is second to none! From Mike’s Fancy Cheese to Dart Mountain and Ballylisk - there is something for every palate! Our charcuterie producers are creating cured meats to rival that of the continent. Ispini and Corndale are both firm favourites of mine, and very popular with customers too.

In my opinion the food scene in Northern Ireland is still very young. Which makes it such an exciting time to be part of it! Every month there is someone new popping up with something interesting. Which means the whole industry in something to watch.

Personally, I am looking forward to the continued growth of the Northern Irish cheese industry as there is plenty of potential there – including our own cheesy projects!

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