5 Scottish cheeses to stock in 2023

26 January 2023, 08:51 AM
  • Rory Mellis, director at I.J. Mellis in Edinburgh, highlights five artisan Scottish cheeses that fine food retailers should consider stocking.
5 Scottish cheeses to stock in 2023

Wee Comrie
Made by Drew at Strathearn Cheese in a preserved POW camp in Comrie, Perthshire. This cheese is fresh and bright with a slightly sweet and buttery flavour. The unique texture is light and pillow-y, yet creamy. It’s a favourite on the Mellis family cheeseboard.

St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar
Inspired by the renowned cheddars made down in Somerset, Jane Stewart of St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese in Anstruther created this Scottish version. This cheddar is creamy, tangy and savoury with a hint of fresh grass and tropical fruit. The acidity in this cheddar is perfectly balanced, giving it undeniable depth of flavour.

Auld Reekie
Made in the eastern Cairngorm mountains by Alex Reid, using traditional methods employed by Scottish cheesemakers for centuries. This cheese is smoked over whisky barrel shavings, giving it an oaky, smoky flavour with a hint of whisky and a tangy finish. A compelling option for lovers of smoked cheddar.

Elrick Log
Selina Cairns is perhaps one of the most well-regarded goat’s cheese makers in Scotland. This cheese made in Lanarkshire is punchy, tart, and earthy with an ice-cream-like texture. Perfect for fans of a tangy goat’s cheese, and an ideal accompaniment to both sweet and savoury chutneys.

Westray Wife
Nina and Jason Wilson make Westray Wife with milk from their herd of five cows before sending it to the I.J. Mellis Maturing Rooms. We mature this cheese carefully for at least five months, to allow it to develop rich, brothy, savoury and nutty flavours, and a compact texture resembling beloved alpine cheeses like Gruyère and Comté.

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