Two healthy challenger brands join Good Food Fund

21 June 2021, 07:56 AM
  • Better Nature and Spare Snacks will receive support in their battle against childhood obesity
Two healthy challenger brands join Good Food Fund

Mission Ventures has revealed healthy challenger brands Better Nature and Spare Snacks are the latest to receive support from the Good Food Fund.

The two plant-based companies will join the likes of JimJams, Naturelly, Insane Grain, Snackzilla and Rootless the Good Food Fund’s accelerator programme to support brands tackling child health. Both will receive 12 months of free business support to boost their scale-up process, while Better Nature also received funding of £350,000.

“We’re committed to helping healthier challenger brands improve the options for all families,” said Mission Ventures’s CEO, Paddy Willis. “We’re excited to welcome these forward-looking plant-based businesses and look forward to seeing them grow alongside our existing brands in support of these objectives.”

Better Nature products use tempeh, a plant-based alternative to meat which is also carbon negative. “At Better Nature our mission is to make protein without compromise, creating all-natural meat alternatives that are nutritious, delicious and accessible to all consumers,” said co-founder Chris Kong. “The Good Food Fund is a great fit for us and we are excited to work alongside Mission Ventures on a shared ambition to take tempeh to the mainstream and support the nation’s options for healthier eating.”

Spare Snacks, meanwhile, uses waste fruit to create its range of healthier crisps. Founder and CEO Ben Whitehead said, “Being a busy parent I know that getting kids to eat healthily is a daily challenge. As the only HFSS compliant kids fruit snack it made perfect sense to collaborate with the GFF mission and enable more families to access healthy and sustainable snacks.”

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