How one chef sources Scotland’s world-class produce

15 June 2021, 09:31 AM
  • Paul Wedgwood, chef patron of Wedgwood the Restaurant explains how he finds the finest local food for his restaurant, and why Scotland has "some of the best produce in the world"
How one chef sources Scotland’s world-class produce

Wedgwood the Restaurant is in the heart of Edinburgh, on the Royal Mile. We are lucky here in Edinburgh to have access to incredible Scottish larder, from fresh fish caught off the coast of Fife to Scotch beef, farmed just miles from the restaurant.

The beauty about living in Edinburgh is the abundance of green space and woodlands. I will often forage in Edinburgh and North Berwick for ingredients to add to dishes. Ahead of our restaurant reopening in May, I went on the hunt for coastal vegetables like scurvy grass and some sweet cicely.

Using produce and ingredients from around the city means there are zero food miles which is a bonus. We are so lucky to have some amazing artisan producers in Edinburgh. They pour their heart and soul into everything they make, and it really shows in the taste and quality. Like Brand East Fortune’s farm shop, they offer everything from amazing artisan sausages to freshly laid eggs.

We also have fantastic markets on weekends in Leith, Stockbridge and Grassmarket. This allows chefs and restaurateurs to meet suppliers and sample produce, and it is a great way to build relationships. If I am considering a new supplier and they have a stall at one of the markets, I will go and have a chat and pick something up to try at home.

Since opening the restaurant in 2007, my aim was to champion small independent suppliers. I still work with some who started supplying us 14 years ago. I have worked with Ben from Fungi & Forage since 2008, just months after opening the restaurant. Even though I forage myself, Ben is on hand to help if I am too busy. He provides some of the best foraged ingredients that have been harvested sustainably.

I have worked with Guy Grieves from The Ethical Shellfish Company since the restaurant’s inception. He supplies us with phenomenal shellfish and scallops caught just off the west coast of Scotland. Sustainable fishing is at the heart of what they do, and they are just amazing.

I use Castle Game who are based in Linlithgow, West Lothian for all my game. I love their Mallard; it has regularly featured on our takeaway menu. These guys have branched out recently and started working with local fishermen. They are bringing in produce straight from the boats that is of exceptional value. I recently got some squat lobster, and it was incredible.

Lunan Bay Farm further up the east coast provides me with organic goat. They are the best supplier I have used for goat, whether it’s getting a whole carcass or broken down, it’s second to none. Sometimes I will get some asparagus and honeyberries from them when they are in season. We are very lucky to have all this produce on our doorstep. I truly believe that Scotland has some of the best produce in the world.

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