27 December 2020, 12:39 PM
  • With its unique taste experience and growing international fanbase, Cyprus Halloumi is the absolute sensation for cheese buyers
Halloumi: A Cypriot Icon Relished Around The World

As the leader of Cyprus’s export drive, Halloumi is justly revered as one of the island’s most loved culinary creations and enjoyed across the globe. 

Halloumi, for which Cyprus has been famed for centuries, was produced by families and consumed as an essential part of their daily diet. Despite its humble and domestic beginnings, it has now become a runaway success with international cheese buyers.

White, semi-hard Halloumi is made from sheep and/or goat’s milk, or blends with or without cow’s milk. Originally it was soaked and preserved in brine, a process which gave the cheese its instantly recognisable salty taste and enabled it to be kept for long periods of time without spoiling.

Today, following the massive success of Halloumi, the cheese is now manufactured on an industrial scale by modern producers using the latest technology; vacuum packaging has been introduced and widely used, while the more traditional techniques are still maintained by smaller scale makers.

The distinctiveness of this Cypriot cheese lies on the fact that it can be eaten raw, grilled, fried or baked and constitutes a great option for vegetarian consumers.

It’s no wonder Halloumi is an internationally-respected Cypriot export: this springy-textured cheese is unique to the island. The flavour of Cyprus Halloumi is the result of a combination of uniquely Cypriot factors such as the warm climate and the fodder that the island produces for Cyprus-bred sheep and goats. The uniqueness of this product has proved an important factor in its success both at home and abroad.

Thanks to its unique taste experience and expert production methods, Halloumi has secured a worldwide market, with large consignments being dispatched regularly to continental Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, the Middle East and the USA.

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce & Industry in Cyprus has registered Halloumi as a Trademark in many countries and regions including the EU, the UK and the USA, while Cyprus Government has submitted an application to the European Commission for the registration of the names ‘Χαλλούμι’ (Halloumi)/’Hellim’, in Greek and Latin, as Protected Designation of Origin.

As a uniquely delicious and globally-renowned cheese, it’s time for Halloumi - the jewel in Cyprus’s culinary heritage - to be the centrepiece of even more tables around the world. To find out more, and explore a comprehensive directory of exporters, visit the Cyprus High Commission Trade Centre in London website: cyprustrade.com

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