Meet the Cheesemaker: Simon Spurrell

31 July 2023, 10:30 AM
  • Speciality Food speaks with the passionate founder of The Cheshire Cheese Company
Meet the Cheesemaker: Simon Spurrell

Deep in the heart of Cheshire, Simon Spurrell first embarked on a cheese-making adventure over 13 years ago, launching the Cheshire Cheese Company. Simon’s unwavering passion has seen his business thrive and captivate cheese enthusiasts nationwide. Being majority acquired in late 2022 by fellow Cheshire-based family cheese maker Joseph Heler, has further propelled the company to new heights, securing its legacy and dedication to artisanal production in Cheshire’s cheese heartland.

Of the recent changes, Simon says, “The Cheshire Cheese Company has undergone a brand refresh, giving the now widely beloved cheese brand a fresh and modern look while staying true to its cheeky Cheshire cat motif and slogan, ‘Cheese That Makes You Grin.’” This exciting update coincides with the introduction of three new mouth-watering flavours that promise to ensure the product range maintains its sense of relevance: Masala - Red Leicester blended with spicy mango chutney and nigella seeds, Smokewood - a smoked and aged Red Leicester, and Hunter - Cheddar exuberantly mixed with truffle and cracked black pepper. These innovative creations are testament to Simon’s creativity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of quality cheese-making.

Alongside the brand refresh, the Cheshire Cheese Company’s website and social media presence have also been revamped. Simon, who’s always maintained that customer experience is paramount, says, “Visitors receive a delightful online experience which builds rapport with consumer customers who recognise the brightly coloured wax truckles when they see them in store. Rich with engaging content, the website now features an array of tasty recipes and serving suggestions, ensuring customers can make the most of their cheese. Whether it’s an indulgent cheeseboard, a delightful sandwich, or a decadent pasta dish, the Cheshire Cheese Company provides the inspiration needed to elevate any culinary creation.”

With a background in graphic design and marketing, having started his career with an IT business, Simon knows a thing or two about building an appealing brand. “As we gather pace in this digital age, online presence is increasingly important to us, which is why we connect and engage with our trade and consumer customers through numerous online touch points,” he says.

“We’re very active on social media and have amassed almost 10,000 followers on Instagram, 30,000 on Facebook and 22,000 on Twitter. This supports our retail customers, so when people visit stockists, they instantly recognise the products. We’ve built the Cheshire Cheese Club, which now has a membership of over 70,000 people. They enjoy exclusive discounts as well as birthday treats, so it’s helped solidify our loyal CCC community.”

The journey has been one of dedication, craftsmanship and a deep love for quality cheese. Simon’s tireless pursuit of excellence has led to the creation of an extraordinary range, each product handcrafted with care and precision - from the signature Black Bob mature Cheddar, to the bold and spicy El Gringo.

Last year the business debuted its own line of complimentary chutneys and cheese biscuits. Simon says, “The feedback so far has been excellent, and the sales volumes speak for themselves. Sitting down to enjoy cheese, biscuits and chutney is one of life’s simplest yet purest pleasures and we wanted to play a bigger part in that. We’re always experimenting with new cheese flavours, so this was a natural next step.”

For retailers seeking to elevate their offerings and entice customers with unique and irresistible cheese, the Cheshire Cheese Company was created to be the perfect addition to their shelves. “But don’t just take my word for it.” adds Simon. “We’re proud to be a multi award-winning premium cheese producer and have collected many accolades over the last 13 years, most recently claiming three gold awards at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards this July.”

As an avid cheese connoisseur, Simon shares his favourite way of savouring his delectable creations. “Take a good slice of the Cheshire Cheese Company’s finest Vintage Mature Cheddar and enjoy it alongside slices of crisp, juicy, local apple. The combination of the creamy, tangy cheese with the refreshing sweetness of the apple creates a harmonious flavour symphony that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates.”

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