29 June 2020, 13:41 PM
  • OneSpray’s range of sanitisation products are here to help the industry get back on its feet
How to safeguard staff and customer confidence in-store

As focus turns to the food and hospitality sector opening its doors again, following the latest news from the government, owners and managers now face a number of new challenging issues to navigate.

At the forefront of this, restoring consumer confidence and protecting employees via enhanced sanitisation procedures will be critically important.

With differing advice and an overwhelming number of products on the market, all making different claims, it would be easy to get lost in the vast number of options, struggling to decide which set of products to use.

OneSpray, who recognised the increasing risks from strengthening bacteria and viruses ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, make this decision easier by offering a suite of technologically advanced, independently tested products which are proven to be effective against Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens including Norovirus, MRSA and many others.

CEO of OneSpray, Marc Braterman, said, “Our products are tested to the highest standards, validated independently worldwide, and are used in various sectors including transport by the likes of London Underground and Network Rail, aviation, care homes, sport, offices and businesses across multiple sectors.

“The food and hospitality sector faces a key challenge in the coming weeks and months following an extremely difficult time. Our products offer fantastic levels of protection in a cost-effective manner, for both small and big business, meaning we are perfectly placed to help the industry get back on its feet.”

Significantly, OneSpray’s products are long-lasting once applied, giving you added peace of mind that the risks to your business, staff and customers are reduced.

Their Hand Sanitiser is proven to remain effective for 24 hours after just a single application, regardless of how often the hands are washed. As it does not contain alcohol, it does not give off the strong smell of alcohol-based sanitisers and is far gentler on the hands, having been dermatologically tested.

Similarly, the Surface Cleaner protects surfaces for up to 30 days once applied, and since it is food-safe can be used in food preparation and eating areas. Normal cleaning procedures can continue and will have no effect on the effectiveness of the product.

To help promote these benefits, OneSpray offer a series of promotional materials to explain the virtues of the procedures you put in place, to ensure visibility of the efforts you are making.

For more information, contact the team at info@onespray.com or 03300 577148.

Alternatively, you can visit their website at onespray.com

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