The insulating power of paper

06 September 2023, 08:28 AM
  • Looking for a cool solution? Discover Ranpak’s new paper-based packaging solution: RecyCold™ climaliner
The insulating power of paper

Ranpak’s new paper-based insulating RecyCold™ climaliner is the ideal eco-friendly packaging solution to protect food from temperature fluctuations and physical damage during transit. Climaliner uses environmentally friendly paper for reliable temperature control when packing ambient, chilled or frozen goods.

Why not use the RecyCold™ climaliner in combination with RecyCold™ cool packs which are 100% drain safe as they are made from plant-based gel and contain no microplastics? Optional custom printing on cool packs is also available to support your brand awareness.

Undoubtedly, the RecyCold climaliner paper solution is one of the greenest solutions on the insulated box market. Our paper is 100% recyclable, FSC approved, renewable and biodegradable in contrary to the plastic and EPS versions of thermal protection.

Thermal protection
RecyCold climaliner together with RecyCold cool packs provide excellent thermal protection for up to 48 hours, for ambient, chilled and frozen products during shipment.

Cost efficient
Thin paper climaliners optimise box volumes and allow box size flexibility. Ready to use they are quick to pack. One-way packaging saves on return flow.

What better way to demonstrate your eco-credentials and enhance the unboxing experience than by using a paper-based thermal solution?

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