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October 2021

Presenting your essential guide to Christmas 2021. Inside Speciality Food’s October issue you’ll find the essential items to stock to kick off party season, plus brilliant gifting ideas, a step-by-step guide to prepping your shop online and in store and all you need to know about cashing in on the ‘experience economy’. You’ll also find an analysis of the growing demand for ready meals and soups, an exploration of the mushroom trend and a special preview of our latest special report, Sustainability: The Future Is In Your Hands. Discover all of the latest news, views and more in our October issue.

  • Insider tips for refreshing your Christmas displays
  • Expert cheese and wine pairing advice to share with your customers
  • Discover why ready meals are back on trend
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2021

Introducing Inspirational Cheese Retailers, a publication from the team behind Speciality Food telling the stories of 20 cheesemongers that proved their resilience and agility on the front lines of the artisan cheese industry this year.

  • • Stories of exemplary support of the farmhouse cheese sector
  • • Innovative pivots into online events, digital retail and sustainable initiatives
  • • Inspiring accounts of community spirit-boosting in bricks-and-mortar and beyond

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