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July / August

From exclusive interviews with industry leaders to expert advice for maximising storecupboard staples – find it all in the July/August 2021 issue of Speciality Food. In this edition, we reveal insider secrets to selling jams, honeys and nut butters and uncover new ways to cash in on condiments. We also take a closer look at the outdoor cooking trend and kick-start the countdown for Christmas 2021. Plus, don’t miss our deep dive into the cheese sector, where we reveal how makers, mongers and distributors at home and abroad are coming back stronger than ever post-Covid.

  • Access top tips to keep spirits sales soaring post-Covid
  • Get ready for Christmas 2.0 with our first-look primer
  • Discover how learning the art of affinage could boost the value of your business
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2021

Introducing Inspirational Cheese Retailers, a publication from the team behind Speciality Food telling the stories of 20 cheesemongers that proved their resilience and agility on the front lines of the artisan cheese industry this year.

  • • Stories of exemplary support of the farmhouse cheese sector
  • • Innovative pivots into online events, digital retail and sustainable initiatives
  • • Inspiring accounts of community spirit-boosting in bricks-and-mortar and beyond

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