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April 2024

It’s show time! At Speciality Food we’re really pleased to be entering the warmer months of the year, getting out and about to fantastic trade events up and down the country. If these are a highlight in your calendar too, you’ll enjoy reading our comprehensive guides to both the Farm Shop & Deli Show, and Natural Food Expo in this edition, with everything you need to know to make the most of your visit. Speaking of warmer weather, it’s time to get those shelves, counters, fridges and freezers prepared for Easter, bank holidays, and the beginning of summer. In this issue we reveal the hottest trends in ice cream and desserts, and barbecues, to help you hit the mark during your buying sessions. And, in continuation of February’s Green Issue, we’re delighted to have spent time talking with Henry Dimbleby. Download this edition to read his thoughts on food security, sustainability, and what retailers can do to make a positive impact on the planet.

  • Is it worth going cashless?
  • New products to stock
  • The latest cheese and dairy news
  • Join the refill revolution
Inspirational Cheese Retailers 2021

Introducing Inspirational Cheese Retailers, a publication from the team behind Speciality Food telling the stories of 20 cheesemongers that proved their resilience and agility on the front lines of the artisan cheese industry this year.

  • • Stories of exemplary support of the farmhouse cheese sector
  • • Innovative pivots into online events, digital retail and sustainable initiatives
  • • Inspiring accounts of community spirit-boosting in bricks-and-mortar and beyond

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