• Retail: Be Inspired At Find

    23 April 2007 News
    Offering an excellent opportunity to help your business learn and grow, Heart of England Fine Food's (HEFF) one-day event, Food, Information, Networking, Drink (FIND), is a must for retailers.
  • Report: Record Uk Food And Drink Exports

    23 April 2007 News
    New figures revealed by market development consultancy, Food From Britain (FFB), show British food and drink exports have never been so healthy at £10.5 billion, in 2006. It exceeds the previous record of £10.1 billion set more than ten years ago, in 1996, prior to BSE export…
  • Retail: New Food Safety Guidance

    20 April 2007 News
    New guidance on food safety published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is bound to help independent retailers avoid food scares and match the practices major players of the grocery sector have in place.
  • Retail: Call To Fight Binge Drinking

    19 April 2007 News
    The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) will call for tougher punishment on retailers selling alcohol to minors in an article by The Observer columnist, Jasper Gerard, to be published in the institute journal, Public Policy Research.
  • Award: Fsa Announces Winners

    18 April 2007 News
    The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed the winners of the annual Dame Sheila McKechnie Award. This year, an Isle Of Wight community initiative, Healthy Eating For Life – A Young Mum's Project, and a youth café in Leamington Spa, Flava, scooped the prize.
  • Trend: Healthy Maybe But Cakes Remain

    17 April 2007 News
    Customers might be raving about healthier eating habits and lifestyles, but a new report by market analyst, Mintel, reveals that the public still has a sweet tooth.
  • Retail: London Shoppers Still Upbeat

    16 April 2007 News
    Retail sales in central London were 10.8% higher last month than they were in March 2005 according to figures by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). It is better than last year when sales rose by 5.5% compared to March 2005. But, the retail footfall remained below year-earlier…
  • Industry: Ad Ban Rules Widened

    12 April 2007 News
    Restrictions on food and drink advertising to under-16s are to be widened to cover non-broadcast media, the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) has confirmed.
  • Retail: Food Centre’s Ready To Open

    12 April 2007 News
    The Ludlow Food Centre, which aims to be a unique market place for quality, locally produced food and drink, will be officially opened on Wednesday 18th April.
  • Report: Apple Sales Blossom

    11 April 2007 News
    According to research by Nielsen, the humble apple is enjoying a surge in popularity amidst competition from so-called superfood fruits and more exotic fruits which are becoming more popular with today’s health conscious consumers.
  • Dairy: A Dying Breed

    11 April 2007 News
    lthough we reported last week that Tesco was aiming to wade in and rescue UK dairy farmers, a new survey suggests that confidence in the sector is at its lowest point since 2004 and more producers intend to quit in the near future.
  • Retail: Grocery Inquiry Extended

    10 April 2007 News
    The outcome of the Competition Commission's inquiry into the grocery market has been increased by a further three months.
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