31 January 2019, 09:19 AM
  • Ambrosi S.p.A, a premium specialty Italian cheese producer, has acquired family-owned cheese and fine foods distributor Anthony Rowcliffe and Son Limited
Ambrosi acquires Anthony Rowcliffe and Son Limited

Having had a long-term supply chain relationship with Ambrosi S.p.A and a closely aligned ethos, the acquisition of Anthony Rowcliffe and Son Ltd has been considered by both parties to be a complementary partnership.

The Ambrosi S.p.A head-quarters are based in Italy, and the company is a majority family-owned business with heritage that dates to 1942. At the heart of the company are award winning specialty Italian cheeses with a wide range of traditional dairy products. To assure the highest quality and integrity of the cheeses, the business has invested in developing, evolving and perfecting every cheese production process.

Tim Rowcliffe, chairman of A.R. and Son Limited said,” “I am extremely proud of the business, and the heritage we have built since 1967. We have worked with Ambrosi S.p.A for many years now in a supplier and importer relationship and we felt it was a natural development. Amongst us all, we strongly champion the premium products from quality producers and the food stories we must tell.

“I would like to thank the independent customers for keeping these hand-crafted products alive and our artisanal producers. The industry means so much to me personally and it has been a life-long campaign to ensure beautiful products receive the right treatment and are sold at specialist expert stores. I will still be part of the industry and will continue to support the company for the near future and I see exciting times ahead.”

Giuseppe Ambrosi, President of Ambrosi S.p.A said, “We are delighted to be working with Tim Rowcliffe and his team. The business is highly regarded in the industry, with award-winning products and nationwide distribution – we can now safely take the reins and further develop the strengths of the two businesses to benefit both customers and suppliers.

We will continue to provide the customers with a market leading valuable offer and outstanding service. The business will operate as normal, under the Rowcliffe name. Sergio Raglio has been appointed as Managing Director of Ambrosi (UK) Limited and also Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd, and Tim Rowcliffe will support him as Chairman. We look forward to building upon the success that Tim Rowcliffe has built and getting to know the customers, supply chain and the team.”