82% of British consumers demand drastic drop in plastic-usage

20 November 2019, 17:13 PM
  • Research commissioned by Ubamarket using a sample of 2,003 British adults found that 82% of UK shoppers believe that the level of plastic packaging used in food and drink products need to be drastically reduced, and 41% believe that the current level of usage is having an adverse affect on their health
82% of British consumers demand drastic drop in plastic-usage

77% per cent of British consumers place the responsibility for change at the door of manufacturers and retailers, and 44% are willing to make the switch to more environmentally-friendly options even if they’re more expensive than conventional options.

Meanwhile, 42% of respondents stated that they would like to be more environmentally conscious but that they don’t know enough about the options out there to make informed changes.

Will Broome, CEO and founder of Ubamarket said, “Recent events have shown that British consumers are more aware of plastic use and pollution than ever before, and it is great to see that more retailers and manufacturers, have in response, started to make positive steps in the right direction.

“According to Ubamarket’s latest research, over 80% of us think food and drink packaging needs to drastically change, but 42% of Brits don’t feel informed enough about recycling to make the right purchases.

“New forms of plastics and packaging, along with the right education, if adopted by retailers, will help cement the UK as a driving force in sustainability and reduce our single-use reliance drastically in the coming years.”

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