Which drinks to stock for the festive party season

15 November 2021, 07:05 AM
  • Discover expert insights for creating a sparkling drinks selection fit for any party
Which drinks to stock for the festive party season

Lewis Bowen, strategic group director at Babco UK

“Collectively, we share a pent-up need to party, and cocktails will be high on the list of at-home entertainment this Christmas, with fizz and flavoured spirits and liqueurs taking a front seat again after missing out last year. Your drinks selection is crucial, as we all plan to impress. Premium drinks, whether gin, vodka, rum or wine, all offer a chance for us to enjoy the finer things in life and to share with others. 

“This year, choose a few drinks that are different and have a try at making some cocktails to add huge sparkle to your party. Better than that, seek out drinks that actually contain sparkle! People do not want to see the usual products; they will be turning to drinks that offer a story, something new, and are seen as a treat. There is a huge trend in consumers trading up and buying better. 

“After the year that was 2020, people deserve to drink and eat well, and have fun. So, this year, festive products with added novelty and quirks look set to do well, whether that’s a Christmas pudding gin liqueur that lights up or a shimmering bottle of toffee vodka!”

Clare Gibson, marketing director at ICB

“Having great low- and no- alternatives to cater for designated drivers and those wanting to take a more mindful approach to festive celebrations this year is crucial. Ensuring that retailers are stocking such options, like non-alcoholic spirit Amplify which comes in bottle and pre-made can format, will ensure their customers have a full range of options to choose from when planning their Christmas gathering.

“Christmas is a time for indulgence, so sweet and delicious liqueurs are a must stock as well – including those which can also be used within traditional boozy festive bakes and desserts, such as the Carthy & Black range of cream liqueurs, Palm Beach rum liqueurs and TW Kempton gin liqueurs. Liqueurs are bound to be a popular choice, with a lower ABV than traditional spirits, they offer consumers a less-alcoholic option for seasonal gatherings.”

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